Interviews News 6 October 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Bonkaz & OG Maco talk saving Brixton Soup Kitchen

6 October 2016

As you may have read in recent reports, Brixton Soup Kitchen is facing some hard times, as they struggle to get in enough supplies to do the good work they need to do. Founders Solomon Smith and Mohammed Hashi recently sent out a plea for any donations to help them. They’ve now got a big helping hand from two unlikely saviors…

Bonkaz took to Twitter to advocate the cause – not so shocking, as a South London man – as did Atlanta rapper OG Maco, which is perhaps a little more surprising. We thought it only right to get the pair to discuss what they’re planning first hand, as well as how they struck up this unlikely friendship.

They plan to put on a charity concert for the kitchen, in an effort to raise some much needed money for the great cause. OG Maco tells us, “Me, Bonkaz and Snoochie Shy are currently working on the logistics of throwing a charity concert at the kitchen, as well as air fare for any American artists looking to make the trip and get involved. We cannot do it without the help of domestic and international sponsors, willing to put humanity before greed.

“As an American, our homeless are often forgotten or cast off as junkies and problematic, so when I saw one of the few avenues they have for support in need of assistance, I had to do whatever I could. Even across the pond, we are all humans.”

Bonkaz added, “Solomon who runs the Soup Kitchen is a dope guy. One of a kind. The work he does for the homeless people in the community is mad real ,but he shouldn’t have to do it all alone. If we can use our audience and our reach to help him help others, then we should.”

While fans can get excited about the prospect of some sick international artists coming together for a mad show, it will also spark some inspiration for those behind the scenes at the kitchen.

On how they became friends and wanted to work together on this project, Maco added, “Bonkaz and I met in Westminster at XL studios, during my Euro Tour in January and have been tight ever since.

“As a Southie from America, we instantly related, but as humans and artists we both recognized our wills to use our influence for positive means, despite whatever backlash could come from it. Bonkaz is an exceptional artist, but even better, he’s a genuine soul.”

“Me and Maco linked up when he was in the UK earlier this year,” Bonkaz continued. “We had a studio session and just clicked. He cares about a lot more than just fame and fortune, I respect him a lot. That’s my bro.”

As well as collaborating together for the concert, we wonder if the two will ever link up on record. “Fuck yeah,” confirmed Bonkz, “We got a game changer in the works right now.”

“The OG Mac grime tunes are coming with the help of my bro Bonkaz,” finished OGG,  “Just wait on it.”

If you’d like to donate any money or tinned goods to Brixton Soup Kitchen, they are open Monday-Thursday between 10am and 2pm and are situated on Coldharbour Lane in Brixton.