News 21 May 2019

Drake’s Old Notebook Up For Sale For $35,000

21 May 2019

If you’ve got a spare $35,000 hanging around then take a wild guess on what you could get your hands on? Bet you never thought you’d be able to grab Drakes old notebook filled with wish lists and lyrics!

On Monday it was reported that the Canadian rapper’s old notebook was found in a dumpster, containing the best of his writings and wish lists, located just near his grandfathers furniture factory in Toronto, Canada.

The notebook is said to have been from around 2000, rocking a Lacoste sticker at the front along with his stage name written out in bold lettering.

The notebook is being flogged via an online memorabilia company named ‘Moments in Time’, which isn’t the first famous notebook to be sold through the website.

Within the notebook, lyrics to a vulgar track entitled ‘Smelly p****’ was also among his wish list of Adidas sneakers and various items from Nike. What ever happened to ‘checks over stripes’, aye?

The notebook’s sale comes after his milestone achievement of accepting the Billboard 200 album for Scorpion. Winning 12 awards overall out of the 17 nominations, Drake is also now the only artist to hold the most BBMA’s ever.

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