News 19 August 2016
Author: Marisa Lee

Did this athlete actually sh*t himself at the Olympics?!

Author Marisa Lee
19 August 2016

Usually when athletes sh*t themselves during the Olympics it’s due to nerves or excitement, but Yohann Diniz unfortunately suffered from the literal meaning of the phrase this time.

The French race walker was walking through a 50km endurance race today in first place, when cameras caught him… With poo on his thighs. I don’t think it needs a pun really. That’s about it to be honest. He had his own poo on his legs.

Here’s another picture of it if that tweet wasn’t enough for ya.

GRM Daily

The 38-year-old unfortunately lost his place at the head of the race and finished eighth, after he had to stop and clean himself off.

As if this wasn’t already the most unfortunate race ever, Diniz later fainted and collapsed on the ground at around 35km into the race.

Despite all of the issues he faced, Diniz still managed to finish, though with no medal and some bad pictures of him on the internet. Better luck in four years pal.