News 14 March 2017
Author: Benji

This is why you may not be able to say “on fleek” soon

Author Benji
14 March 2017

If you’ve paid attention to the constant cycle of internet memes throughout the past few years, you’ll definitely have come across the term “on fleek”, as awful as it sounds, which might now become trademarked. 

Three years since its birth, the creator of the viral phrase Kayla Newman, known as Kayla Monroee on social media, has set up a GoFundMe to have the term trademarked.

Frustrated by missing out on royalties from the excessive use of the phrase, Newman will use the money generated to trademark “on fleek” to raise money for her aspirations to build her own beauty company; so far the page has raised over $13,600 of a hefty $100,000 goal. 

Talking to Teen Vogue, Newman said: “When I saw celebrities using ‘on fleek’, I felt good,” she recalled. “It showed me they actually do pay attention to young people. I was kind of disappointed when I saw brands taking and suing the phrase, but I knew my time would come.”

We’re not quite sure how trademarking will prevent the use of the phrase or gain any money but it’s worth a go.