News 15 August 2023

34 year old OnlyFans model becomes one of UK’s youngest grandmas

15 August 2023

A model from OnlyFans has made headlines in the UK for becoming one of the country’s youngest grandmas at the age of 34.

Rachel McIntyre, who often gets mistaken for being much younger, welcomed her first grandchild in late July. When she shared the news on social media, many of her followers were surprised by her youthful appearance and assumed the baby was her own newborn.

McIntyre, who became a mother at 15, had some concerns when her 17-year-old daughter became pregnant last year. Despite the initial shock, she is embracing her role as a young grandmother and is excited to support her daughter.

“People don’t even believe I’m my daughter’s mum. They’re like, ‘Wait, are you not sisters?’ When I say I’m a granny too, it’s even more of a shock,” McIntyre shared.

She believes her youthfulness allows her to enjoy activities with her granddaughter and looks forward to staying active and spending time with her. She doesn’t see any downsides to being a grandmother at 34 and is unbothered by potential judgment.

McIntyre’s positive outlook is focused on happiness, emphasising that as long as one is content, criticisms about being one of the UK’s youngest grandmas hold no power.

[Image via @rachelmcintyre6 / TikTok]