Videos 27 March 2019
Author: Aaron Rattu

Pa Salieu Steps Up For New [email protected] Freestyle

Author Aaron Rattu
27 March 2019

Kicking off a brand new season of the coveted [email protected] series, young rising talent Pa Salieu enters the booth to offer the series some new energy.

In his efforts, he shells down two very different instrumentals; with one being fairly down tempo and trappy whilst the other takes on more of a high energy, hood-type beat.

However, on both, we see Pa Salieu exhibit his ability to intertwine between his rapping and melodic singing styles. In doing so, he touches on a number of subject topics, all relative to his own life and surroundings; speaking upon loyalty, money and his come up.

It is most certainly not the last time we are going to hear from Pa Salieu, who as an artist, brings something varied to the table as he adds his own twist on the ever flourishing UK scene.

Check out Pa Salieu in his [email protected] freestyle right here on GRM Daily.