Videos 4 August 2022
Author: Niall Smith

Pa Salieu Unveils 2-In-1 Visuals For “Mista / Lennon Freestyle”

4 August 2022

Coventry’s Pa Salieu has shared a brand new single and video for his latest offering, “Mista / Lennon Freestyle”.

The first half of the two-parter is a nocturnal, no-frills rap banger fully equipped with domineering vocals and bellowing drum work.

Around the halfway mark, “Lennon Freestyle” kicks in. This portion of the track is a pensive exploration into Pa’s inner thoughts, feelings and transgressions as he rhymes over a classic Just Blaze, DJ Premier-inspired beat.

The black and white visuals take things back to basics. Throughout, Pa can be seen rapping outside the Warwickshire Justice Centre and riding around in the back of a car.

“Mista / Lennon Freestyle” follows news of Pa getting dropped from the Commonwealth Games’ closing ceremony due to a failed background check. The tone and subject matter of “Lennon Freestyle” reflect the rapper’s frustrations and current state of mind.

Peep the “Mista / Lennon Freestyle” visuals above!