Videos 28 January 2021
Author: Courtney W

Pa Salieu Performs “T.T.M” For Apple Music’s ‘The Agenda Live’

28 January 2021

Kicking off Apple Music’s brand-new series, The Agenda Live, is none other than Coventry-hailing artist Pa Salieu.

Devoted to highlighting Black British music, The Agenda Live is Apple Music’s new performance-based series and Pa Salieu sets the bar high during his set to launch the platform.

Performing his track “T.T.M” from his well-received debut project Send Them To Coventry, Pa comes through with tons of energy to breathe new life into the big track – while simultaneously reminding us why all eyes are on him at current.

Speaking on the performance, Pa said: “It was an honour to work with KC Locke for this Agenda Live performance to one of my favourite tracks on my mixtape. The whole shoot had an amazing energy and hopefully we were able to capture that on the screen.”

Like Apple Music’s The Agenda Radio with Dotty and The Agenda playlist, The Agenda Live aims to represent authentic voices from the UK and beyond, showcasing talent within hip-hop, grime, R&B, afrobeats and everything in between.

Watch Pa Salieu kick off The Agenda Live in the video above and to see the performance on Apple Music click right here.