News 13 March 2017

The UK’s answer to Disneyland is on its way

13 March 2017

For those of you who have longed for a Disneyland like theme park in the United Kingdom, your wishes are to come true.

Paramount Pictures have announced they are to open a new multi-billion-pound theme park in the summer of 2022 in Dartford, Kent, to rival Disneyland Paris.

The park is expected to incorporate 50 attractions based upon Paramount Films, as well as shows from the BBC and Aardman Animations, who created Shaun The Sheep and Wallace And Gromit.

The incorporation of the cherished British television shows indicates Paramount learned from the mistakes of Disney when they first opened their resort in Paris.

French park goers complained of American imperialism infiltrating their culture as the resort was entirely based on American characters rather than those familiar to the French, notably from the comic book Le Journal Mickey.

It is estimated up to 27,000 jobs will be created, although there are fears from locals they could lose their jobs and businesses if they are forced to relocate their premises to make way for the theme park.

However, construction of the park rests on whether the group behind the theme park, the Kuwaiti based London Resort Company Holdings, obtain approval of the Development Consent Order (DCO) when it’s presented in November to the Government.

It is expected that the DCO will be approved with no problems.