News 21 February 2024

Parenting advice YouTuber sentenced for child abuse

21 February 2024

A once-prominent YouTube influencer, Ruby Franke, known for her parenting advice, was sentenced to a minimum of four years in prison for child abuse in Utah.

Franke, 42, expressed tearful remorse during her court appearance, having previously admitted to the starvation and mistreatment of her children.

Her former business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt, 54, received an identical sentence. Both women faced four terms of one to 15 years each, to be served consecutively, the maximum allowable under Utah law.

The state’s parole board will determine the actual time served. The case unfolded after Franke’s malnourished 12-year-old son escaped from Hildebrandt’s residence, revealing a harrowing tale of abuse.

Franke’s once-popular YouTube channel, 8 Passengers, amassed over two million subscribers before being deleted in 2022 amid allegations of mistreatment.

The abuse, which included starvation, physical violence and psychological torment, contrasted sharply with the idyllic image portrayed in her videos.

Franke’s ex-husband, Kevin Franke, described the abuse as “horrific and inhumane”, advocating for the maximum penalty.

The sentencing marks the tragic downfall of a once-celebrated online personality, exposing a dark reality behind the facade of familial bliss.

[Image via @moms_of_truth // Instagram]