News 3 February 2015
Author: Bernie Mac

PBGR – “Four Seasons” #NextGen10

3 February 2015

There’s a new wave of talent emerging; an underground shift in soundscape, energy and creative diversity coming from a selection of underground artists. Underground – but totally undeniable in their own right.

#NextGen10 is a selection of our favourite independent new generation artists on the come up, and whilst you might not be familiar with some of the names on the calendar, you won’t regret paying attention.

Our seventh entry to #NextGen10 comes courtesy of East London duo Crunch & Swarve collectively known as PBGR. The pair have featured on GRM quite regularly since last year due to some seriously worthy releases and a great work rate.

Their eclectic sound, unique approach and musicality has seen them become definite ones to watch.

This GRM exclusive ‘Four Seasons’ (produced by UV X TK) is their first release of the year and it’s a great sign of what else we can expect to hear from them throughout 2015. Featuring extended members of the movement Mike Bagz & Charlie Mase, the track is centred on the journey that may gift you success at any moment. A positive track about patiently waiting until it’s your time to lead. It’s safe to say PBGR may feel their time is on the horizon and understandably so.

Keep up with their journey via Twitter @PBGRMusic