News 15 March 2016
Author: Marisa Lee

You NEED to sign this petition for Dizzee to perform “Boy In Da Corner” in London

Author Marisa Lee
15 March 2016

[…] when the news broke about you performing the full album for Red Bull Music Academy [festival], I was ecstatic, rushing to my computer to cop a ticket before it quickly sold out. But that was before I read the fine print, and realised it was happening nearly 4,000 miles away from me in New York City. It didn’t really add up. As a huge supporter of your music, I would love to see you revisit this album again in London.

On May 6th, Dizzee Rascal is performing his iconic album Boy In Da Corner in it’s entirety – but in New York, thousands of miles away from his hometown. In a letter to Dizzee from Complex, Laura Brosnan has detailed her upset with the idea. Why on earth would he do this in New York when his and Grime’s roots are both in London?

Not accepting this without a fight, Laura started a petition to get the MC to perform the glory encased in that yellow cover a little closer to home.

GRM Daily

“Spurred on by a miniature hissy fit, I created an online petition to show you that—whilst you might not think it—us grime stans still love and appreciate you for creating such a timeless body of work.”

Sign the petition here to show your support – it’s not far off it’s target – and make sure you read Laura’s letter.

Read more about the Red Bull event here.