News 23 April 2020

Petition Launched To Make Streaming Services Free For 60 Days

23 April 2020

A new petition has been launched with the aim of making streaming services free during the coronavirus pandemic.

Everyone is consuming content at a rapid rate in comparison to pre-lockdown times and it’s clear to see why. With more time due to work restrictions and zero time allotted to social gatherings, we have seen a massive rise in the amount of streaming the everyone is taking part in. It has even been reported that Netflix have gained a 22% lift in subscribers versus this time last year.

Most people would agree that the average streaming platform is relatively reasonable in cost, but with the average person having access to more than one platform and also taking into account that most people are earning less due to the current situation, these costs can soon add up to a sensitive monthly bill.

This, paired with a strategy aimed at keeping people inside and safe led Phillip Kolas to start a petition in order to get the fees from streaming companies temporarily suspended.

The petition was launched three weeks ago and was aiming for 75,000 signatures. Currently over 60,000 people have signed in order to make platforms free for 60 days.

The creator, Philip spoke on the petition: “During a worldwide viral pandemic, social distancing and personal quarantine is vitally important to stem the risk of spreading disease. As a result, right now millions of people worldwide are keeping themselves at home in order to prevent community spread of the COVID-19 virus.

“While this is a heroic and necessary challenge, it also runs the risk of boredom and isolation, which can lead to depression, among other factors. Many people are turning to their streaming services to alleviate their monotony. The problem with this is that many people cannot afford these membership fees, especially in a time like now when many people’s economic livelihood is already strained. 

“Therefore, this petition asks that all worldwide streaming services inact [sic] a temporary 60 day stoppage of membership charges, as well as per-movie rental fees.

“I call upon every one of these companies that can help make an involuntary homestay more comfortable and therefore more successful to do their part to lift our sorrows and stresses of the quarantine.”

Take a look at the petition here.