News 24 July 2020
Author: Daniel McNab

Piers James Shares Brand-New EP ‘A Dying Breed Part 1’

24 July 2020

Vocalist/rapper Piers James has dropped a fresh EP entitled A Dying Breed Part 1.

Piers James is an artist that sets himself apart from many of the current artists in the UK scene with his mostly smooth, laid back sound and melodic vocal performances.

Prior to releasing “Garden Of Eden” back in April, the Ipswich-born, London-based artist has been relatively quiet over the last couple of years, with a few sporadic releases but with this new EP, he is set to gain some new fans and followers. The lead track “Can’t Be My Girl” is a great display of his song-making talents and the music video provides striking visuals that complement the track perfectly.

Announcing the EP on Instagram, Piers wrote: “With every song I want you to be able to connect with little parts of my soul, some may be relatable to you, others maybe not but the goal for me is to be able to take you on a journey, make you pause, make you think and make you feel.

“I’m so excited to be able to share my thoughts and music with the my world! All I can ask is that you Go STREAM. DOWNLOAD & SHARE THE LOVE.”

Ensure you check the new EP from Piers below.