News 27 June 2020
Author: Daniel McNab

Sony is offering over £40,000 to anyone who can source Playstation bugs

27 June 2020

Fancy making over £40,000?

Sony has launched a ‘Bug Bounty Program’ with a reward of $50k+ (£40,523.55) for the PlayStation Network and the PlayStation 4 gaming console.

The program is being run by HackerOne and will reward gamers for finding different PlayStation bugs. The lowest reward will earn $100 (£80.60), for low-level threats, while finding critical vulnerabilities will earn you $50,000 (£40.2k) or more depending on the severity of the bugs.

Sony stated, “We recognize the valuable role that the research community plays in enhancing security, so we’re excited to announce our program for the broader community.”

So, if you have a talent for finding software bugs, start searching, as it could now be financially beneficial.

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