News 18 March 2022

Poet & Vuj Announce End Of Working Relationship As A Duo

18 March 2022

After a decade of working together, the dynamic duo that is Poet and Vuj have announced the end of their regular working relationship.

The pair announced the sad news on the latest episode of the Poet & Vuj podcast, revealing that they’ll be focusing on their solo careers from May this year.

Poet and Vuj first began working with each other in 2012 and quickly became popular as a duo for their football content on COPA90’s YouTube channel such as Comments Below and FIFA & Chill. Over the years, they’ve worked with stars such as Rio Ferdinand, AJ Tracey, Ian Wright and countless others.

In 2019 the pair left COPA90 and began their own channel, uploading series such as Comments Under and the Poet & Vuj podcast. Together they’ve built up a community of 130,000 subscribers, who were the first to hear about their split on the pod.

Despite announcing the end of their collaborative relationship, it won’t be the complete be all and end all as Poet said they will still do “sporadic work” together.

He also penned a heartfelt message on Instagram.

“After years of working together, vuj and me realise we kind of different spaces in life,” Poet wrote. “So this May I guess will be the end of me and vuj.

“We had a good run. Thank you to all of the people who supported vuj and me. Seriously.”