News 13 November 2018
Author: Nic Coaker

Watch the trailer for the new ‘Pokemon’ film

Author Nic Coaker
13 November 2018

The Pokemon fandom has been growing every since the birth of the brand in 1996 and now the time has come for the highly anticipated movie, Pokemon Detective Pikachu

A continuous fascination in the brand from many generations has saw the company grow for over twenty years. Children of this generation are obsessed with the characters and fantasies through the infamous Pokemon Go app which saw the whole world go crazy for capturing characters in the augmented reality game. The game which was a collaboration between Nintendo and The Pokemon Company used GPS to locate, capture, battle and train virtual creatures; creating a global obsession of finding new locations and exclusive characters. 

But, now Pokemon Go‘s popularity has slightly decreased as the fandom were left hungry for more. The original fans grew older and the new, younger fans moved onto to the new gaming crazes; it was time for Pokemon to announce the brand new movie, due for release in 2019. 

Whilst the previous characters have not spoken actual words, but instead made noises, this is really the next step for Pokemon as a company as the bring the characters to life through words and a non-cartoon film. 

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