News 31 August 2016

This Police Chief wants to put an end to Notting Hill Carnival

31 August 2016

Ken Marsh, Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, stated that officers “dread” the event and that it “cannot carry on” in it’s current form.

Mr Marsh added, “This is not a peaceful and fun-loving event that our members look forward to policing, in fact, they dread it.

“The Glastonbury music festival had 40 arrests this year. Notting Hill had 10 times that amount.

“Year after year there are such high levels of violence against police officers and the public at the carnival, and yet year after year nothing changes. Something needs to be done.

“People appear intent on hijacking this carnival and turning it into a bank holiday battleground and using others as professional punchbags.

“I think many Londoners will wonder whether the significant amount of taxpayers’ money spent policing this event is frankly worth it.”

This year’s spectacle, that reportedly cost £8 million to run, saw 43 police officers injured and a record number (454) of arrests made over the two days.

However Europe’s biggest street party and the second largest in the world was defended by Ishmahil Blagrove.

Mr Blagrove, who has written a book on the 52 year history of the carnival, believes there is a witch hunt against the event.

He said, “They talk about 400 arrests but there is nothing scientific about it, they can doctor those figures as much as they like.

“The tactic is almost to agitate and provoke certain responses, I saw it myself. When they talk about stabbing, they want to go to Rio, where they wake up and find five or six bodies in the gutter.

“Notting Hill Carnival is one of the safest in the world, not just the second largest.”