News 24 January 2017
Author: Benji

Police inspector caught with 11 kilos of cocaine in his house

Author Benji
24 January 2017

West Yorkshire police inspector Keith Boots, who is responsible for destroying seized drugs, has been caught with £700,000 worth of cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and cannabis at his home.

The 55-year-old’s intentions were simple: he stole the drugs to sell for his own profit. However, his police colleagues were one step ahead of him, subsequently raiding his house with drugs in the washing machine, fireplace and fridge.

Prosecutor Paul Greaney stated, “What was found on the ground floor would have kept a 1970s rock star and his band, entertained for weeks.

“What do you keep in your washing machine?” he asked the jury. “Keith Boots had over 11 kilograms of cocaine worth hundreds of thousands of pounds on the street in his.”

Boots was not in it alone, however, with his son Ashley involved in the packaging of the drugs and having criminal connections to potentially sell to.

Keith Boots and his son Ashley have denied four counts of theft, along with six possession of controlled drugs with intent to supply, one of possessing ammunition, three of conspiracy to supply controlled drugs, one of conspiracy to steal and one of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.