News 3 August 2017
Author: Alex Griffin

Police say that item in Rashan Charle’s throat when he died wasn’t drugs

3 August 2017

A police watchdog has revealed that the item lodged in the throat of Rashan Charles at the time of his death was in fact not illegal drugs.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) revealed that their forensic analysis proved the package “did not contain a controlled substance”.

“The IPCC has now received results of forensic analysis of an object that was removed from Rashan’s airway by paramedics,” a spokesperson said.

“The IPCC’s investigation into the circumstances of Rashan Charles’ death following contact with police in Hackney on 22 July is ongoing and making good progress.

“Our independent investigation is thoroughly examining all aspects of police interaction with Rashan prior to his death and has already undertaken a large number of investigative actions.”

Initially, police had claimed he was attempting to swallow drugs after he was chased by police into a Hackney shop. His death lead to protests and riots in the Dalston area as tensions rose.

Weyman Bennett, co-convenor at Stand Up To Racism, said, “The attempt to smear Rashan as somebody involved in drugs was an attempt to assassinate his character.

“We hold the police wholly responsible for these false statements that were put out, and we demand justice for Rashan.”