News 10 January 2017
Author: Jaik Fenton

Police Officer says it’s FACT black men in “gangster clothes” commit crimes

Author Jaik Fenton
10 January 2017

A DJ has revealed that he was pulled over by a police officer who told him it’s a FACT that black men in gangster clothes commit crimes. 

In an astonishing revelation, DMO Deejay, who has a weekly set at DSTRKT, took to YouTube to showcase his frustrations with the law.

Having rented the Bentley he was driving for a promo video, he encountered the officer who pulled him over for a ‘routine check’.

In one of the videos, the PC can be heard saying: “This isn’t racist, it’s a fact. Predominantly, the criminal profile of people who do it are black people” in response to DMO’s frustrations at being stopped. 

He also goes on to say “So, naturally, if you see a car full of black guys, maybe dressed in gangsta-style clothing or whatever, when they’re driving down there, they’re getting stopped”.

This seems to be another sign of underlying racism in parts of the police force. What are your thoughts on the saga? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments.