News 18 May 2023

Police officer fired for giving his friends a lift home with the emergency lights on

18 May 2023

Devon and Cornwall Police have fired PC Christopher Fletcher after he used his position to give his friends a ride home with the police car’s emergency lights on.

The decision to dismiss Fletcher without notice was made by a misconduct panel who found his actions to be gross misconduct.

One of the allegations stated that Fletcher accessed police intelligence systems for non-policing purposes.

Another allegation outlined how Fletcher misused a police vehicle by using its emergency blue lights and contravening a traffic signal to provide transportation to his friends. Furthermore, it was alleged that he provided a dishonest response when questioned about the events.

Additionally, he was accused of engaging in a course of conduct that could be perceived as harassment, bullying, victimisation, or offensive behaviour towards two individuals.

After a four-day public hearing, the panel determined that the allegations were substantiated and that Fletcher had breached the expected standards of professional behaviour. Consequently, he was dismissed from his position without notice.

Superintendent Jo Arundale, the Head of Professional Standards, commented on the matter, stating, “Officers are expected to fulfil their duties to high standards within policing, and on this occasion, the officer has fallen below that expectation.”

As a consequence of this decision, Fletcher’s information will be submitted to the College of Policing Barred List, effectively prohibiting him from working within the policing sector.

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