News 10 May 2020

Twitter reacts to police “robo-dogs” being used to enforce social distancing

10 May 2020

Images of parks, street parties and beaches have flooded social media this weekend as many of us feel outraged by the lack of social distancing being shown by others.

Images of police trying to disperse crowds verbally have been posted as well as the use of territorial support vans, speakers and more.

Over in Southeast Asia where the pandemic originated, social distancing is being reinforced with a variety of means – including with robots.

In Singapore, the “robo-dog” is used by law enforcement to approach members of the public and remind them to social distance.

When news of the “robo-dog” phenomenon in Singapore broke in the UK, Twitter users were baffled and this led to some hilarious tweet reactions.

Take in some of the best below.

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