News 20 March 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

Policeman nicked & stashed £700k of drugs in his yard

Author Trudy Barry
20 March 2017

A police officer in Bradford has been caught stealing drugs from work with the intention of selling them on for a tidy profit.

55-year-old Keith Boots was in charge of the police store and had the responsibility of destroying confiscated drugs to prevent them getting back on the streets. Except instead he was the one putting them back on the streets himself. That is next level.

Whilst many are finding the story pretty funny, West Yorkshire police surprisingly aren’t as amused. Detective Superintendent Simon Bottomley told the press, “Keith Boots was a criminal masquerading as a police officer who stole class A drugs from the force which he then intended to resupply to the criminal fraternity. The actions of Boots were simply inexcusable. Whilst his hardworking and honest colleagues were doing all they could to take illegal drugs off of the streets he was stealing them back and seeking to redistribute them.”

After a decade in the position, Boots was able to stash an insane £700,000 worth of drugs, including 11kg of coke in his washing machine. As well as all that, heroin, ecstasy, crack and weed were also found in his yard.

Boots and his 30-year-old son have been found guilty of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, theft, and possessing drugs with intent to supply. Them and one other guy are set to be sentenced next week.