News 14 September 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Politicians are calling for medicinal weed to be legalised

14 September 2016

The debate surrounding cannabis and whether it should be illegal/legal/for medicinal purposes has swirled and swayed around the world, and the UK is no different.

The law remains firm, that despite the reasons as to why you are using it, weed is completely and totally illegal. However, MP’s are now calling for the drug to be legalised for medicinal purposes.

Politicians from across different parties are coming together as part of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Drug Policy Reform in an effort to reclassify weed.

Co-chair Baroness Molly Meacher said, “Cannabis works as a medicine for a number of medical conditions.

“The evidence has been strong enough to persuade a growing number of countries and US states to legalise access to medical cannabis.

“Against this background, the UK scheduling of cannabis as a substance that has no medical value is irrational.”

Cannabis has been proven to alleviate symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, multiple sclerosis and plenty of other illnesses.

Despite all this however, the Home Office still declares weed as “harmful” and it remains strictly illegal. Is it only a matter of time until this changes?