Videos 5 October 2021
Author: Luke Forte

Watch Potter Payper’s Brand-New ‘Thanks For Waiting’ Documentary

Author Luke Forte
5 October 2021

Potter Payper has gracefully prevailed all the targets on his back throughout his journey to the mic; cultivating a sound that’s only ever true to himself, and forever moving head on into a lane of his very own.

Thanks For Waiting the documentary is an ode to Potter’s die-hard audience, giving a glimpse into the rap-star’s sonic cultivation, alongside the trials and tribulations that have caused him to take the right turns to create his ‘lane’. 

The doc presents footage from interviews with heavyweights in the game that have graced tracks alongside the pen-smith from Barking, sourcing takes from the likes of Suspect, Unknown T and of course the crystal-clear friendship between M Huncho.

Throughout the documentary the contributions from current pioneers only see praise for the flourishing rapper that turned it round; ultimately putting the ego aside, being true to himself and overall just wanting to do best for the people within his circle and himself. 

A constant reminder along the insightful presentation is the dedication behind the perfectionist’s craft, that truly takes pride in his body of work. Members of NSG regard potter as a ‘true poet’ after seeing first-hand how intense the rapper’s writing process actually is; claiming it’s more-so ‘introverted’ than others.

The narrative behind Thanks For Waiting is ultimately Potter’s eventual realisation to ‘credibly say’ that he can now recognise the artist within himself; making it clear what sets him apart from every over rapper on the map right now and taking pride in fact that the man he is today has garnered all the love from his ever-growing listeners.

Take in Thanks For Waiting the doc above to find out more about Potter’s journey!