Videos 11 January 2022
Author: Aaron Adade

Check Out The New Trailer For Power’s Tommy Egan Spin-Off ‘Power Book IV: Force’

11 January 2022

TV network Starz have officially released a two-minute trailer for Power Book IV: Force, giving Power fans from all over the world a little taste of things to come.

Out of all the spin-offs that were announced a while back, Tommy Egan’s was met with some of the most excitement. His edgy humour, violent ways, and careless attitude drew a lot of people into the character of Tommy in the original Power series. In the trailer, you see that he stays true to these characteristics.

The only difference now is he doesn’t have Ghost around to steer him down the right or wrong path.

During the trailer, the words ‘new friends, new enemies’ flash up on the screen. However, the words ‘same Tommy’ also then pop up – I guess you can take the man out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the man.

With the release date of the series scheduled for February 6th, you better stock up on your snacks and strap yourself in, this could be a thrilling ride.

Check out the official Power Book IV: Force trailer above!