News 25 January 2020

A ‘Power’ spin-off starring Tommy Egan is coming

25 January 2020

Power season 6 is nearing its end and fans are gearing up to say goodbye to Ghost, Tasha, Tommy and Tariq.

50 Cent has promised several spin-offs from the main series which will focus on the backstories of the supporting characters and the latest one to be announced will star Joseph Sikora in a lead role.

Joseph Sikora plays Ghost’s best friend/enemy/brother/business partner and with the character being one of the most complicated and perplexing on the show, we can only expect good things from this project.

Announcing the spin-off with a teasing Instagram picture, Joseph posed in a cap with “Tommy Season One” printed on it and wrote the caption “Who’s READY?!!!!”

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Who’s READY?!!!!

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Tommy’s childhood was definitely dramatic based on the small biographical information he has revealed throughout Power’s life cycle.

We know that Tommy initially believed his father was dead before learning that his Dad was in fact alive and in the Italian mob.

Tommy also experienced violent bullying as he was the only white boy in his neighbourhood and his mother has been consistently addicted to drugs.

Tommy Egan’s childhood coupled with his violent adult lifestyle in the drug business leaves room for an intense set of episodes for fans to enjoy; that is if 50 Cent doesn’t leak them first.

As fans patiently wait to find out Who Shot Ghost which we think we worked out in our feature, 50 Cent has threatened to leak scenes from the show in a bid to appease desperate watchers who are eager to know who took such violent action against Power’s protagonist.

Power is set to end soon and watchers are still unaware of this vital information.

According to the show’s creator, Courtney A Kemp, fans are not the only ones who don’t know who shot Ghost as multiple endings were filmed, meaning that this dramatic climax can be changed at any time.