News 2 November 2016
Author: Trudy Barry

Legendary ‘Practice Hours’ returns for limited run ft Novelist & D Double E

Author Trudy Barry
2 November 2016

Back in the early days of grime, Jammer’s basement was the place to be. It was where we got that first legendary LOTM session with Wiley vs Kano and it’s where the iconic Practice Hours was born.

At a time when the scene existed purely through pirate radio and other audio formats, Practice Hours was our first chance to get a look at the faces of who we were rating.

Jammer resurrected the series through Rinse last year, with a behind-the-scenes doc taking us through the process of how Practice Hours became a thing, with some mad archive footage of Skepta freestyling about his “African hooter”.

Now, a year later Rinse have linked up with G-Shock to bring us six fresh episodes of the classic vids, but with a modern twist…

Each episode of the newly revamped series will follow a day in the life of one artist and will feature exclusive freestyles from all involved. We don’t know who every episode will revolve around yet, but with its momentous rep in the game, you know there’ll be some big names.

Rinse teased the new series with a short clip featuring D Double E, Novelist and more. Fans can even apply to attend a special screening featuring Nov and Abra Cadabra through the Rinse website.