News 11 April 2023

Premier League reportedly ditching Sky Sports & BT Sport to create own streaming platform

11 April 2023

According to reports, the Premier League is considering abandoning its longstanding broadcast partnerships with Sky Sports, BT Sport and Prime Video.

Instead the league would to create its own platform to show all of the league’s games in one place.

While Sky Sports has been instrumental in the Premier League’s success since its formation in 1992, the move is expected to help the league generate more revenue and simplify access for fans who have had to pay for multiple subscriptions.

However, the new platform is not expected to launch immediately, as the Premier League is currently evaluating bids from DAZN, Apple, and Disney Plus for the next round of television rights, which expire at the end of the 2024/2025 season.

Chief executive of the Football Supporters Association, Kevin Miles, said, “There’s no question that supporters are increasingly feeling the financial strain. We’re not untouched by the general cost of living crisis but the more platforms there are, the more subscriptions we have to find.

“For those fans who want to watch every one of the club’s televised games, the costs are really starting to mount.”

To watch all Premier League games currently, fans have to pay up to £100, so stay tuned to GRM for more details on this ongoing development.

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