News 4 September 2016
Author: CJ

Former Premier League ref claims he was told to lie

Author CJ
4 September 2016

In a statement which will cause equal shock and concern to all lovers of the beautiful game, one of the Premier League’s former established referees has sensationally claimed there are “outside influences” affecting decision making in football.

Mark Halsey sparked huge controversy by claiming on Twitter that he had been influenced to alter post-match reports, before going on to provide a specific example (from a 2011 clash between Blackburn and Stoke) where he was told to deny that he had seen an elbow from Blackburn’s Steven Nzonzi on Stoke’s Ryan Shawcross.

Although Halsey makes it clear that he doesn’t believe the FA have anything to do with any pressure put on referees, he does point the finger at the PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited).

Coming under immense pressure following the accusations, the PGMOL have quickly hit back and refuted these claims stating, “Match officials submit their reports, including critical incidents, directly to the FA. Match officials ensure that their reports are a full and accurate description of the incident. There is no pressure from the PGMO to include or omit anything.”

Whatever happens over the next few weeks in the Premier League, it is likely this isn’t the last we’ve heard of this explosive story and with all the evidence of corruption that slowly unraveled within FIFA last year, these shock waves could be a real concern.