News 9 February 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Professor Green is back on BBC Three with ‘Hidden homeless’ documentary

9 February 2016

Professor Green has filmed a documentary highlighting the struggles of of an often overlooked issue, which airs tonight on BBC Three. With a 9PM slot, you can expect an eye opening and commendable watch from the Hackney-born artist.

The programme follows Pro as he meets the “hidden homeless” on streets across the UK, the fruits of an idea he had a cash point, when he was cussed by a suit for giving change to a homeless man.

He told Newsbeat,”People on the street are often not looked at as humans. It was something I wanted to understand.”

“They’re constantly on the move to get what little help they can. Most of the help they do get doesn’t come from the authorities, it comes from charities.”

This isn’t the first time Professor Green has dipped his toes into the world of documentary film making either. Back in October, he released another BBC documentary, exploring suicide and it’s very personal relation to his life.

Be sure to catch up on that and check the Professor Green homeless documentary when it airs tonight.

Words: Alex Griffin