News 9 January 2021

TikTok user tricks gamers with a PS5 Starbucks Edition console

9 January 2021

As gamers everywhere struggle to get their hands on the PS5, one TikTok user sent players into a frenzy with his TikTok video.

Fnmeka who posts augmented videos to TikTok and outlandish technology ideas managed to gain over 15.1 million views in just under 24 hours thanks to his video on a PS5 Starbucks Edition console.

The video depicts a PS5 which has a built-in coffee machine that dispenses hot brew, similar to the newly unveiled KFConsole which cooks chicken.


Who here likes Coffee and Videogames? Starbucks x PS5 1 of 1 🤫 ☕️ ##ps5 ##starbucks ##gamer

♬ original sound – FNMeka

Unfortunately though for PS5 fans who simultaneously love coffee, the design of the PS5 in this video makes this creation impossible as it would mean that the fan has been removed which is an essential part of any console.

Many users have confessed in the comments that they fell victim to this video and thought that it was real.

This hasn’t stopped gamers from dreaming though and several viewers of the video have expressed excitement at the concept of the PS5 doubling as a coffee maker.

One user said, “I want this and I don’t even like coffee.”

Another added, “OMG I need that.”

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