News 1 May 2021

Pubs are running out of beer due to the increased demand

1 May 2021

Pubs and bars are running low on beer as brewers fail to keep up with increased demand.

Due to the Bank Holiday Weekend and the easing of lockdown restrictions which has allowed pub gardens and venues with outdoor space to reopen, breweries are struggling to fulfil pub orders.

Pub owners are trying their best to fulfil orders to meet the demand from customers.

Heineken UK said in a statement, “Demand for premium pints continues to surpass our most optimistic forecasts. Despite only 40% of pubs being able to open outdoor areas, we are experiencing similar levels of sales as a normal April with all pubs being open.

“We’ve therefore had to temporarily limit the amount of Birra Moretti and Amstel that pubs can order.

We’re working hard on a solution to meet demand – all our breweries are working flat out brewing beer and we’re connected with our breweries in other parts of Europe to import additional beer to the UK.”

“Demand for Birra Moretti and Amstel has totally surpassed our most optimistic forecasts, and our breweries are working round the clock to deal with this high level of demand.” 

“We are working with our customers to offer alternative beers from the extensive Heineken UK range of brands as we increase production.”

Chief executive of Mitchells and Butlers, Phil Urban told Sky News, “suppliers aren’t able to move quickly enough to keep up.

“We are seeing where our most successful businesses are, so we are quickly rerouting it to make sure we have the right beer in the right places.”

Boris Johnson’s roadmap out of lockdown reopened outdoor hospitality spaces on the 12th of April along with non-essential retail shops.

The next stage which is due to take place on the 17th of May  when indoor venues such as pubs, restaurants, cinemas, B&Bs and hotels will reopen.

Fans will also be allowed back at sporting events at a capacity of up to 10,000 and mixing of different households will once again be allowed indoors.

Up to 30 people will also be allowed at weddings, funerals and christenings.