News 14 July 2018
Author: Courtney W

Qatar World Cup 2022 will interrupt football season

14 July 2018

FIFA have announced the dates for the 2022 Qatar World Cup and football fans are not happy.

Yesterday the FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, announced that the World Cup in 2022 will start on November 21, and finish with the final on December 18. It is the first time the tournament will be played in November and December and the decision means that the football season will be interrupted for four weeks.

Many high-profile names, such as Gary Lineker, have taken to social media to express their outrage at FIFA’s decision to host the tournament during winter.

“The World Cup has always been a welcomed spectacle during a long football free summer, rather than an interruption of the football season”, Lineker wrote on Twitter “Darn shame we have to wait 8 years”.

Infantino has responded to criticism by saying that leagues have been informed about the dates and said they will have to “adapt their calendars as a consequence”.

Temperatures in Qatar reach 40 degrees celsius during the summer period which makes the conditions unsafe for players to play in.

The newly announced dates are one of several issues regarding the 2022 World Cup.

There is increasing concern over the welfare of migrant workers building stadiums in Qatar, with some reports claiming that many are working as a result of forced labour.