News 2 November 2016
Author: Seth P

QPR are helping out refugees in a BIG way

2 November 2016

The refugee situation over in Calais is completely out of control. All you need to do is switch on the TV and you’ll be subjected to some horrible images of people living in absolute squalor.

Worst of all is you’re likely to witness women and children in conditions that we wouldn’t consider fit for our pets, let alone our fellow human beings. Everyone knows  that post-Brexit, the situation has become even more topical, with the average Brexit voter voting on the basis of immigration, so the government has been less than forthcoming when it comes to working to resolve the dire situation in Calais.

Recently however, there has been a glimmer of hopes for the kids at least who find themselves living in what has been dubbed the “jungle”.

A proposal has been put in motion by Lord Alf Dubs to bring around a thousand child refugees over to the UK. Lord Dubs, along with 10,000 other Jewish children, were rescued from Czechoslovakia when the Nazi’s arrived in the country, so it’s clear that this situation in Calais is something that is close to his heart.  

In a letter he wrote, he states, “I formally request that the French government allows us to send in coaches and social workers to collect those refugee children that have a right to be here in the UK. We will need assistance with travel documents out of France. We have people arranging the coordination of this.”

In light of this proposal West London football club QPR has pledged a fleet of its coaches to help with the rescue mission, marking themselves as one of the first clubs to try and make a difference.

Let’s just hope that Lord Dub’s proposal gets the go ahead from parliament.