News 24 April 2021

A gaming company put a QR code in the sky for their advertising campaign

24 April 2021

A gaming company used drones to put a scannable QR code in the sky as part of their new advertising campaign.

Taking place in Shanghai at the city’s Bund waterfront promenade, Chinese gaming company Bilibili created the display using 1,500 drones to celebrate the first anniversary of their game Princess Connect! Re: Dive.

The drones came together to create a code that when scanned, would take viewers to the game developer’s website.

Reacting to the display on Twitter, social media users were left divided by the stunt with some describing it as “the future as advertising” and others as “dystopian”.

One Twitter user said, “People aren’t going to be satisfied until technology has taken over the sky at night…we are headed for walmart & amazon ads in the sky.”

Another added, “If I wanted to distribute malware on a large scale, I now know just how to do it. Make the devices mine crypto and share links to their contacts or something.”

Senior Analyst at Niko Partners Daniel Ahmad reported on the campaign and said, “Chinese games and entertainment company Bilibili held a one year anniversary show in Shanghai for the mobile game Princess Connect! Re:Dive (Cygames). 1,500 drones took part in the show to celebrate the game having been out for one year in China.

“Some of you may have already seen the viral tweet (which people are calling dystopian because it was out of context lol) where part of the show included the drones making a QR code in the sky. When scanned fans could download the game / 1 year anniversary package.

“For those that remember, Bilibili also did a similar event for the launch of the game last year where they put a QR code on their HQ building.”

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