News 7 April 2020

New Short Form Video App Quibi Launches To Rival Netflix

7 April 2020

With the recent launch of Disney+ and Apple‘s streaming service, these platforms are creating a really competitive space in the market. Netflix has been holding onto the crown for the most part, but now we have another contender from a slightly different angle.  

has raised $1.8 billion dollars, which roughly equates to just under £1.5 billion pounds, in efforts to rival both Netflix and YouTube.

So what’s different about Quibi? Firstly, all of the video content featured is a maximum of ten minutes in length and to add to this, it is a ‘mobile lead’ content experience.

With this being an app that has targeted viewership though smartphones, there has been the addition of more creative ways to engage with the content, including a feature entitled “Turnstile” which allows viewers to reveal different shot angles and scenes when their smartphone is turned between portrait and landscape viewings.  

This app has had some high profile celebrity involvement, with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Idris Elba and even the likes of legendary director Steven Spielberg getting in on the action.

One of the most promoted shows currently includes the classic title Punk’d, featuring Chance The Rapper. 

The pricing for the app still sits in the competitive bracket with the rest of the services, starting at $4.99, with an add free subscription priced at $7.99 per month.

Currently there is a 90 day trial available in the US, with hopes to gradually launch in other countries. This is aside from the UK, where the app was silently launched on Monday the 6th of April. The haste in the UK launch has been suspected to be Quibi’s attempt at capitalising on levels of increased viewership due to the recent COVID-19 lockdowns. 

The app is now available to download in the UK in all major app stores.