News Videos 18 July 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

One of R Kelly’s alleged “cult” victims has released a video statement

Author Trudy Barry
18 July 2017

Yesterday we reported the shocking news that R Kelly was reportedly holding multiple young women against their will in his Atlanta home and Chicago studio.

Parents of two girls currently living with Kelly said that they believe the singer is manipulating these girls into staying with him and acting extremely controlling by withholding their phones and contact with the outside world. Three of Kelly’s ex-employees told a similar story.

Now, one of the young women, Jocelyn Savage, has come forward for a video interview with TMZ. She states that she is “in a happy place” and is “not being brainwashed”.

However many have noticed that when the reporter asks her if she is currently in Georgia, Savage briefly looks up and a shadow of a another person can be seen moving behind the camera. She dodges the question and says she “wouldn’t want to speak on that”.

She also refuses to answer a question regarding whether she is free to leave the premises. Bookie.