News 27 March 2019

Police Officer Who Shouted Racist Slurs Gets Job Back & £15k

27 March 2019

A police officer who was sacked for directing racist slurs towards takeaway workers has won an appeal to get her job back – and £15,000.

PC Katie Barratt was in the Spice of Punjab restaurant in Newcastle when she was overheard saying “I wish these f**king p**** would hurry up with my pizza”.

She was also reported to have called the workers in the restaurant “n****s”.

Following the incident, Barratt was sacked from the Northumbria Police force but now the decision has been overturned by an independent panel due to an appeal made by the officer.

The panel called the initial ruling “unreasonable” and ordered the police force to grant her £15,000 in back pay.

Barratt has been instructed to complete additional equality and diversity training before she returns to her role.

Steven Reid, a barrister of the police, has said of the latest ruling: “Sadly it confirms a stereotype that is unfortunately held in some communities about the police”.

Reid added, “The appellant didn’t go out that night to deliberately racially abuse members of the public.

“But the fact remains she did.”