News 24 April 2023

Raheem Sterling Foundation announce new scholarship for black British students

24 April 2023

A new initiative from the Raheem Sterling Foundation aims to bridge the educational attainment gap for black British students by offering 14 scholarships to study at The University of Manchester and King’s College London.

It’s partnered with both universities to provide the scholarships, with the goal of increasing social mobility and equal access to higher education.

The initiative will be open to applicants from Greater Manchester and Greater London, with multiple opportunities to apply over the next three years. The first four scholarships will be available for students commencing their degree programmes in the 2023/24 academic year.

Research indicates that less than 5% of all UK students starting undergraduate degrees at Russell Group universities in 2021/22 were black. The partnership between the Raheem Sterling Foundation, The University of Manchester, and King’s College London aims to help young people from underrepresented backgrounds to access higher education and achieve their full potential.

Sterling said in a statement, “This opportunity will help young people access further education and present them with experiences and opportunities that will enhance their future career prospects.

“I hope this initiative will be a real game changer over the next few years and I am delighted to be working with two of the finest universities in the world.

“I wish the recipients of our funding all the very best and look forward to meeting everyone on campus in Manchester and London later this year.”

This initiative reflects a growing recognition of the need to address disparities in educational opportunities and outcomes. Through partnerships such as this, it is hoped that more young people will be able to pursue their goals and contribute to a more diverse and inclusive society.

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