News 9 November 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Man causes rush hour mayhem after jumping on train tracks to rap

9 November 2016

Yesterday there were lengthy delays at Norwood Junction train station, as a man reportedly got into an altercation with rail staff.

He allegedly got onto the tracks and started rapping, before removing several items of his clothing and refusing to move, despite the large amount of commuters he was holding up at rush hour.

Although his Daily Duppy probably isn’t coming any time soon, he’s still in with a chance, as police couldn’t find him on the scene when they arrived.

Eye witness Lianna Brinded said, “We noticed this guy swaying in the middle of the tracks. I don’t know if he was drunk. The guy started taking off his clothes and shouting and then he broke out into an impromptu rap. He also asked if he could have a cigarette.

“At first people were sympathetic but as it gets colder and colder people are becoming angry and frustratedDozens of people were waiting around… They just want to get home.”

A British Transport Police spokesman said, “Officers from BTP and the Metropolitan Police attended and carried out a search for the male but he was not located. The line was handed back at 7.11pm.”