News 6 July 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

Rappers Instagrams keep getting hacked

Author Trudy Barry
6 July 2017

Tyler the Creator is the latest rapper to have his Instagram hacked this week.

The hacker appears to be a teenage boy called Brandon who is holding Ty’s Instagram ransom until his own personal page reaches 20,000 followers.

In a series of now deleted tweets, Tyler wrote “lowkey insta got hacked, idk whats next so yeah … so dont reply to no dms or nuthing … haha i dont post for 7 months and then this happens … but deadass dont know how to get back in there and dont care as much as i wouldve like a while back so yeah it’ll figure itself out.”

Earlier this week J. Cole’s Instagram was also hacked by someone going by the name Jordy. They also appeared to be doing it to gain more followers to their personal pages.

Jordy had a bit more fun with it though, posing as Cole and posting an antagonistic message toward Meek Mill.

That wasn’t the first time that J. Cole was hacked, either. Last year his Twitter was being controlled by someone else posting hateful messages toward the Kardashians.

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