News 3 November 2015
Author: Krishma

Rappers tweeting funny shit (Wiley Special)

Author Krishma
3 November 2015

So much happens on Twitter on a daily basis, especially with artists, so it’s only right that we have a round up of the best tweets of the week (just incase you missed all the action).

For this week we decided to go for a Wiley special, as he was in quite a pickle after finding out he had a brand new baby mother. Yes it is literally a “Billy Jean” Grime special.

Be prepared to feel for the guy as he holds nothing back in his latest public spurt regarding what has been dubbed ‘#WileysTrapStory’. Sadly she wasn’t quite the trap queen he wanted.

And it gets better.

Everyone can be a part of the ‘Trap’ at Eskimo Dance!

Let go of the big toe, girl.

And it continues…

Wiley’s time to repent we see.

Can I get a Amen?

No Wiley tell us.

Wiley is holding nothing back boy.

Wise words we reckon.

Them private calls there.

Baby scans all up on Insta.

Keep an eye on Wiley’s timeline to see the how far #WileysTrapStory goes.

We recommend you guys at home learn some life lessons here, as amusing as this story may seem it is incredibly stressful for all involved and we wish Wiley the best.