Music Videos 28 February 2016
Author: Elle SM

Rare home video footage of 12 year old Kanye West freestyling surfaces

Author Elle SM
28 February 2016

We all know Kanye West as probably one of the most confident humans in existence. “Has he always been so confident?”, you may ask yourself. If this video is anything to go by, the answer is probably, definitely, yes.

In a home video allegedly filmed by Kanye West’s late mother, Donda West, that has just surfaced, we see a 12 year old Kanye freestyling to the camera in a room full of people, with more confidence than your average 12 year old, probably even more than your average 21 year old (this is Kanye- did we really expect any less?).

Although his lyrics are tricky to decipher through the background noise and video quality, you can most definitely hear ‘Ye state, “Nothing less could come from West” before being told between loving laughter, “Get out of town, Kanye!”.

This could possibly be one of the cutest, most innocent home videos of Kanye West yet. Let’s hope for Ye’s sake the home videos from THAT laptop don’t surface next…

Check out the home video of 12 year old Kanye West freestyling above.