News 3 August 2017
Author: Courtney W

The item Rashan Charles swallowed has been revealed

3 August 2017

It has been revealed that the package found in Rashan Charles’ throat was a package containing a “mixture of paracetamol and caffeine”.

The news comes just a day after the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) confirmed the package “did not contain a controlled substance”.

IPCC Commissioner Cindy Butts said the IPCC has decided to release information “given the inflammatory nature of some ongoing speculation”.

“Following a very constructive meeting with Rashan’s family, we stated that the package did not contain controlled substances”, said Butts.

“We did not provide further details, because the contents of the package are not directly relevant to our investigation – we are looking into the circumstances of Rashan’s death, not investigating Rashan.

“However, given the inflammatory nature of some ongoing speculation, I will confirm that the package consisted of a mixture of paracetamol and caffeine wrapped in plastic.”

In the immediate aftermath of Rashan Charles’ death, many believed the young man had swallowed a package containing drugs as he was chased by officers in Hackney. Last week, protests regarding Charles’ death turned violent as protestors and police officers clashed on the streets of Dalston.

The IPCC have also revealed that no cause of death has been confirmed as of yet.