News 12 July 2020

Animal rights protesters arrested after pouring red dye into Trafalgar Square fountains

12 July 2020

Two people have been arrested following an animal rights protest in London when red dye was poured into Trafalgar Square’s fountains.

The animal farming protest by Animal Rebellion was staged in order to accuse the government of having “blood on their hands” in relation to the cultivation of animals for food.

In a post on Twitter they said, “Animal Rebellion have now dyed the Trafalgar Square fountains red, symbolising the blood that is on the hands of the UK Government. We are here today to demand that the government prevent future pandemics by ending animal farming and transitioning to a plant-based food system.”

They also posted a video of the political action which can be seen below.

The group also claim that the coronavirus pandemic was caused by “animal exploitation”.

A rep for the group added, “The government must now begin a transition towards a plant-based food system, or risk future zoonotic pandemics of catastrophic proportions.”

The Met confirmed that two individuals were arrested and remain in custody.