News 12 May 2022
Author: Courtney W

‘Black & Great: The Essential Workplace Toolkit’ Book Released Featuring Ashley Walters, Alex Boateng & More

12 May 2022

Writer and speaker, Rene Germain, has released an important new book for Black students and professionals!

Titled Black & Great: The Essential Workplace Toolkit, this book aims to provide Black students and professionals with key advice which will allow them to thrive in the workplace, while simultaneously embracing their Blackness.

Among the topics explored are salary negotiation, overcoming imposter syndrome, creating your personal brand and more, with Germain using personal anecdotes to highlight the challenges Black people face in the workplace.

Readers are also treated to interviews and open letters from prominent figures such as Ashley Walters (actor), Alex Boateng (0207 Def Jam), Glyn Aikins (Since’93 Records), Trevor Nelson (radio presenter and DJ) and many more.

“For a long time I felt that careers literature was devoid of Black voices and experiences and I’m so passionate about creating a book that addresses that,” Germain said. “I’ve been blogging careers advice for years and at one point had a blog which solely highlighted Black British talent, so the Black and Great book in many ways is a culmination of both.” 

Black & Great is now available to buy as a hardback book for £16.99. It’s also available as an audiobook and an ebook.