News 30 January 2015
Author: Bernie Mac

Renz ft. S Loud – “Love Every Time” #NextGen10

30 January 2015

There’s a new wave of talent emerging; an underground shift in soundscape, energy and creative diversity coming from a selection of underground artists. Underground – but totally undeniable in their own right.

#NextGen10 is a selection of our favourite independent new generation artists on the come up, and whilst you might not be familiar with some of the names on the calendar, you won’t regret paying attention.

Our third artist featuring in #NextGen10 is Croydon’s own Renz. Producer, artist and all round music enthusiast, Renz’s objective is to “capture moments in time, keep pushing boundaries and forever be wavey.”

“Love Everytime” is an RnB infused track, Renz hooks up with S Loud to show off his melodic flare; producing a vibe as wavey as they come.

“I wasn’t planning on putting any music out for a while but there’s this producer that I really like, Lytton Scott.

I was running through his beats and this one just stuck out to me because I had been rapping more than anything but I have always wanted to sing more.

Finding the balance and keeping it authentic isn’t always easy but this one just allowed me to flexxxxx and I fucks with anything that lets me flex.”

Keep up with his journey via Twitter @Renzprmd.

If you missed yesterday’s track, A2 – “Versace Blue Jeans”, listen here.

10 artists. 10 tracks. 10 days.