News 3 May 2020

Rick Ross says “enough is enough” over beef with 50 Cent

3 May 2020

Rick Ross and 50 Cent’s ongoing beef is continuing in the courtroom.


Aside from jabs on social media and prison pictures from the past, one of the main gripes between the two is the infamous sex tape leak.


It was claimed that 50 Cent leaked a sex tape featuring Rick Ross’ ex-girlfriend Lastonia Levinston. 50 was found liable and forced to pay her $7 million and this led to 50 Cent filing for bankruptcy.


The drama didn’t stop there though as 50 Cent has counter-sued Rick Ross as he claims that it was the Teflon Don who instead leaked the tape.


The court battle has been ongoing since 2016 and Rick Ross has had enough and according to his court statements, he wants peace.


Rick Ross said, “For years, I have been engaged in what many people in our industry call a ”rap war” or ”beef”‘ with another Hip-Hop artist, Curtis Jackson, who is professionally known as “50 Cent”


“Although I have no ill will towards Curtis personally, I believe he truly dislikes me. To be clear, I never did post the video (or any excerpts of it) on or on any other website. I never authorized anyone else to post the video or any excerpts of it on or on any other website on my behalf. In fact, I never even had possession of the video.”


Rick Ross added, “It is obvious that Curtis and I have had our beef over the years, but enough is enough.”


Reed Smith, Rick Ross’ lawyers, simultaneously filed a motion to ask for the case to finally be dismissed.


As we keep you updated on this story, take in 50 Cent’s new quarantine couch interview.